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Dangers of Mercury in tuna Exposure.

Mercury in tuna is a health concern because of the risks associated with mercury exposure. Just as mercury builds up in fish tissues over time. It can also accumulate in your body. To assess how much mercury is in your body. A doctor can test mercury concentrations in your

Kombucha and health information.

Kombucha fermentation produces large amounts of microorganisms and yeast strains or probiotics. Which are good for the body’s digestive system. Because probiotics will replace good strains of microorganisms in the digestive system. โปรโมชั่น ufabet That are lost due to many reasons. such as eating unclean food or using certain drugs. There is also

“Towels” are a source of germs

Towels are one of the things that harbor germs. But we often overlook and don’t give much importance to cleanliness. Many people tend to clean their homes, shoes, and clothes frequently. But they often forget and don’t pay attention to nearby items such as towels that accumulate a lot

Apple Cider With Doubts About The Health Benefits.

Apple cider is rich in minerals and vitamins such as pectin, biotin, folic acid, vitamin C, vitamin B1, vitamin B2, vitamins B6 sodium, calcium, potassium and iron among others. However, it is difficult to tell the exact composition of commercially available apple cider vinegar. Because it will

5 symptoms of vitamin deficiency

5 symptoms of vitamin deficiency Vitamins appear to be nutrients. that are not necessary for the body and are nutrients received. The least care, but friends, do you know that? A lack of vitamins in our body for a long time will cause negative effects.

What are the causes of toothache?

What are the causes of toothache? Hello friends, does anyone know that toothache is not only cause by tooth decay. But can also cause by other symptoms? Let’s take a look at what causes toothache in this article. Let’s go together. Toothache can occur in many different ways,