5 symptoms of vitamin deficiency

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5 symptoms of vitamin deficiency

Vitamins appear to be nutrients. that are not necessary for the body and are nutrients received. The least care, but friends, do you know that? A lack of vitamins in our body for a long time will cause negative effects. to our bodies as well.

Vitamins and minerals are nutrients that our bodies have. received the least amount and nutrients from this group It is a nutrient that people give สมัคร ufabet the most importance and care about the most. Even though our body receives only a small amount of nutrients and vitamins, our body cannot lack vitamins. Did you know that if our body. Not getting vitamins or lacking vitamins for a long time will affect our body, causing disease and also having a negative effect on our body in various matters, so today we will see how. When our body lacks vitamins, we can observe Let’s see what we got from it.

Symptoms of vitamin deficiency that we can observe

1. The skin is not smooth.

The fact that we have dry, rough, and uneven skin is not because our skin lacks nourishment. from applying skin care cream, but actually the cause of dry, rough skin is caused by The fact that our body lacks vitamins such as vitamin E, vitamin C, and vitamin A have the main function. in creating skin cells Our skin is strong, helps maintain the epithelium and helps prevent our skin from dryness and roughness and helps keep our skin smooth. As for vitamin C, it has the main ingredient that is the main factor in strengthening. Collagen to the skin layer Makes our skin look beautiful, clear, soft and is also an antioxidant.

2. Insomnia

Sleep symptoms, or the symptoms of falling asleep and waking up, are symptoms that indicate that Our body lacks vitamins and minerals due to insomnia. It is caused by Magnesium in our body is low. Makes us easily irritated and affects our sleep. Get enough magnesium It will reduce our stress and make our muscles more relaxed.

3. Feeling tired easily Pain in muscles and joints

fatigue Muscle and joint aches can be caused by many reasons. Whether it’s working hard, lifting heavy things, or exercising. But if we don’t do anything and then have muscle aches and get tired easily. This is a sign that the body our. There is a deficiency of vitamin C and vitamin B because vitamin B is a vitamin. That makes our body refreshed or, simply put, vitamin B helps boost energy for Our body, so when we take vitamin B, we feel refreshed. That’s it.

4. Acne

Acne is something that annoys and annoys us a lot, and the older we get, the more slowly the acne scars disappear. In addition, acne also leaves dark and red marks that make us look different. With acne, we can It can share by everyone, every gender and every age. It’s what we cannot be avoided. But the main issue is the dark spots and red spots that acne leaves behind for us. Which we can Can cured By taking vitamin C because vitamin C is a precursor to collagen, so when we eat Vitamin C goes in our body Collagen will create, causing the dark spots and red marks left by acne on our face to fade and eventually disappear.

5. Numb fingertips and toes

The reason that we There is numbness at the tips of the fingers and at the tips of the toes. It’s because Our body lacks vitamins B1, 6 and 12, Which vitamins B1 and B6 have a role in Creates neurotransmitters and transmits nerve signals. Vitamin B12 has a role in building tissues. makes neurotransmitters It has good functioning, so when our body lacks vitamins, it causes symptoms. Numbness at the tips of the fingers and numbness at the tips of the toes