Dangers of Mercury in tuna Exposure.

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Mercury in tuna is a health concern because of the risks associated with mercury exposure. Just as mercury builds up in fish tissues over time. It can also accumulate in your body. To assess how much mercury is in your body. A doctor can test mercury concentrations in your hair and blood.

High levels of mercury exposure can lead to brain cell death and result in impaired fine motor skills, memory and focus.

In one study in 129 adults, those with the highest concentrations of mercury performed significantly worse on fine motor, ทางเข้า ufabet logic and memory tests than those who had lower levels of mercury.

Mercury in tuna exposure may also lead to anxiety and depression.

A study in adults exposed to mercury at work found that they experienced significantly more depression. And anxiety symptoms and were slower at processing information than control participants.

Finally, mercury buildup is linked to a higher risk of heart disease. This may be due to mercury’s role in fat oxidation, a process that can lead to this illness.

In a study in over 1,800 men, those who ate the most fish and had the highest mercury concentrations were two times likelier to die from heart attacks and heart disease.

However, other research suggests that high mercury exposure is not associated with an increased risk of heart disease. And that the benefits of eating fish for heart health may outweigh the possible risks of ingesting mercury.