By Allie White
Dry, chapped skin is something many of us live with during the cold winter months. Living in a cold northern climate (where temperatures drop between -30C to -40C ), I experience chapped lips and bleeding knuckles every winter. Yes, it get’s that bad. You may not be as lucky as me. It may be warmer and more humid where you live, but I think we can all agree that the dry winter weather takes a toll on our precious skin.
So what can we do? Nothing says I’m youthful and healthy like having plump juicy skin. Dry skin is typically associated with aging and deteriorating health. Here are some ways we can combat dry skin:
1. Drink more water, consume less caffeine - Its simple, caffeine dehydrates the skin and water hydrates and nourishes. Aim for 3-4 liters of warm or room temperature water each day. Make it fun and add cucumbers, lemon slices, lime slices, or fruit and soak overnight.
2. Eat more fat (we need fat!) - coconut oil, hemp oil, flaxseed, avocado, ghee, nuts, seeds, salmon, chicken or beef broth.
3. Give yourself a daily self oil massage - every evening before bed massage your face and body with a mixture of sesame oil and coconut oil. Essential oils are a great addition but make sure to use organic oils.
4. Add probiotics - Gut health is the key to our overall health. Keep your digestion healthy with nourishing the friendly bacteria. Consume 1 capsule every morning with water or make your own version of sauerkraut. It is easy and much cheaper than store bought products.
5. Eat more high-water content vegetables - Examples are cucumbers, zucchini, asparagus, carrots, and cabbage. These guys will hydrate and replenish the body. You can never go wrong eating more veggies, the benefits are endless!
6. Move - Exercise will improve blood circulation, flush out toxins, improve digestion, and release endorphins (the happy hormone). Choose exercises that will energize you and make you feel great. Examples are walking, running, yoga, dancing, kickboxing, even pole dancing.
Do what you love and you’ll be likely to stick to it! Daily routines such as exercise, eating fresh real food consistently, drinking plenty of water and getting your beauty rest will do wonders in combating dryness.