The Longer Lash Liquid , 1 Comment

It’s no secret that both women and men are drawn to full and fluttering eyelashes. They scream femininity and make the eyes look vibrant. Yes, a great mascara is obviously key to lust-worthy lashes, but I have wonderfully observed that moisturizing them behind closed doors makes an enormous difference in growing them.


I mix a set of oils together for this and put them on each night - or anytime I’m not wearing mascara. My lashes started to look longer and healthier within the first couple weeks. No Joke. There are many other essential oils known to nourish skin and hair such as lavender oil and almond oil, but this concoction has personally worked extremely well for me.


To store the oils, it's easiest to keep a small, reusable container such as a defunct (well washed) makeup jar. You can also find small reusable glass jars from health food shops, or Whole Foods. It works best to use a fresh mascara wand, which can be easily purchased from most pharmacies. 


Then add to the Magical Jar of Lash Heaven:

  • One part lemon essential oil, a natural antiseptic
  • One part castor oil, a known eye lash strengthener since…well forever
  • One part avocado oil, has monosaturated fatty acids that are great for stimulating hair growth
  • One part coconut oil, melted, is full of nutrients and moisturizes


It's time to ditch the toxic lash-extenders and sticky fake lash demons and apply this addictively. 


Tip: You can also use this on eyebrows. Also, remember to eat foods that are known to help with hair growth such as bananas, almonds, avocados, salmon, and leafy greens. Supplements for hair, skin, and nails are another good way to support hair growth.


 By Kacey Williams