The DIY Wake-up Scrub , 0 Comments

 Instead of waking up to brew a cup of coffee in the morning, take those grinds to the bathroom. You can make a stimulating anti-cellulite exfoliating scrub, using only a few ingredients found in your pantry. 

 Mix these ingredients in a bowl before a morning shower:

  • Organic coffee grinds
  • Coconut oil (or substitute with almond or avocado oil)
  • Brown sugar
  • A little purified water

Play with different amounts of each ingredient depending on how much it takes to cover your whole body. You want to be make sure the mixture is wet enough from the oil and water to spread it enough to stick.

Before applying, make sure you step into the shower,  this scrub is super messy. Apply to your entire body and begin cleansing using gentle circular  motions. I try to let it sit a few minutes to soak in.

Rinse! And go! -Kacey Williams