An Overnight Cure for Dry Skin , 0 Comments

No, the title is not a gimmick. There really is a way to combat dryness, and all it takes is a little preparation before you get into bed at night! 

To let a moisturizer penetrate deeply into the skin, where it can do the best job at nourishing and healing, at least a few hours must be allotted to the process. Moisturizing before bed allows you to wake up with buttery-soft skin, and the process is quite pleasant as well. I've come to love the ritual, and enjoy being able to take a few minutes just to myself at night, gently massaging my body to relax and unwind after the day. Once I'm done slathering myself with my oil of choice, I wrap my greased-up self in full-body cotton pajamas, and hop under the sheets!

But what is it that I use to keep my sensitive skin delicately dewy, you ask? The secret is sweet almond oil. Chock-full of lipids and fatty acids to nurture your body back to enviable smoothness, this particular oil is ideal for anyone, especially those trying this method for the first time. The scent is barely noticeable, and fades after the initial application. For those who would prefer more of an olfactory experience, you can mix in a few drops of your favorite essential oils (I'm partial to the combination of frankincense & clary sage). For the entire body, I use about 1/8 cup of sweet almond oil. The bottles I find a health food stores usually cost around $15 for 16 fluid ounces, and they last a long time!

Be sure to look for oils that come in a dark bottle, which will block sunlight. Store all oils in a nice, dry cabinet or drawer, and if you're looking for some extra pampering, start your morning off right with simple Ayurvedic practices, found HERE.  

- Maria Vasylivna