Review: RGB Five-Free Nail Polish , 1 Comment

Let me start out by saying that I had a few reservations before trying RGB. Yes, it's five free (see our previous article HERE to get a little more in-depth as to what that means), but would it really work? Would I need 7 coats to get the desired look I achieved with 2 coats of regular, health-hazardous polish? What was the consistency going to be like? How long would it take to dry? With all these pesky questions buzzing about in my head, I finally reached for the polish remover and got to work on prepping my nail beds, armed with 2 bottles of RGB polish (in Minty & Coral). 

Once I was done shaping my nails and cleaning my cuticles, I applied base coat and then held my breath as I stroked the first drop of RGB polish in Coral across my index finger's nail. I immediately loved the color on my skin. Slightly reassured, I pressed on, applying a paper-thin first coat, and then a thicker second coat (a method that I picked up from one of my old nail technician friends, which keeps the polish from getting too chunky and never drying properly). After that, a swipe of clear top coat and a few drops of quick-drying potion sealed the deal. My nails looked fabulous, and I hadn't had any issues!

The liquid itself doesn't have that in-your-face acridness that is common of regular nail polish, and it applies just as evenly and easily as the traditional kind. It dried to a glossy hardness in about 25 minutes, and since then, I've had the barista at the adorable bakery across the street ask me where I found such a fabulous color! Not to mention that, as I sit typing this article, I'm constantly distracted by the flash of my brilliantly-painted nails. But for those of you who have yet to try RGB, and have been hesitant because you worry about its performance and how it stacks up the competition, I have only this to say... what competition? It functions just like traditional polish, but doesn't contain the nasty chemicals. In my opinion, that's a clear win-win! So find a color that you like (I pictured Coral, the one I used, at the top of this post), and get painting!

- Maria Vasylivna