Review: RMS "Un" Cover-Up , 0 Comments

When it comes to natural beauty regimens, nothing is quite as difficult to find as the perfect concealer. Between awkward consistencies, foreign scents and irregular pigmentation, the search for the ideal product can seem daunting. And how disappointing is it to lose time researching brands, checking ingredients, picking from a slew of shades, and spending your money only to be disappointed with an item that doesn’t suit? Luckily for you, that’s where we come in! All of the products on the site have been sampled by someone at SZL, so you know you’re getting a bonafide keeper. One of our favorite brands, RMS, just happens to make, in my opinion, the most adaptable and luxurious concealer of all time!

It is called “un” cover-up, and it is fantastic. Most of the goodies from RMS are created with a base of coconut oil, which happens to be one of the most versatile oils. It is emollient without being greasy, and has antimicrobial and antioxidant properties (read: great for your skin). This establishes a lovely base for the product, which comes in a chic little glass pot. The texture is unlike any other cover-up I have ever used: it is silky and glides onto the skin, depositing rich, but not excessive, pigment that blends with just a few taps of the finger. I’ve found that one of the best ways to achieve precise application, especially for spots, is to use the RMS brightening brush. It was created for use with RMS living luminizer, but is an excellent tool for the “un” cover-up as well, given its small, tapered shape and closely-clustered bristles. I have separate brightening brushes for both products.

Often what happens with concealers that blend seamlessly is that they fade quickly. Not the case here! I used to dread using concealer on my under-eye circles: because they’re rather dark, I’d have to use a thicker formula to get the coverage I wanted. That meant crayon-like sticks that took a lot of blending, involving pulling and tugging on the delicate skin of the eye area. But with RMS “un” cover-up, I simply swipe it on (I cannot state enough how lovely the texture is) and pat it gently. Viola! My circles have disappeared, and they stay hidden all day. No need for touch-ups, the long-lasting formula keeps the pigment where it was originally deposited, keeping you looking fabulous. But why simply take my word for it? Pick up a jar today, and discover for yourself the joy of finally having the perfect product!

- Maria Vasylivna