Review: Uma Ultimate Brightening Face Oil , 2 Comments

When it comes to face oils, we here at SZL are notoriously picky (and as far as we're concerned, that's a good thing!). Some of the things we don't like to see on the ingredient labels: mineral oils (hello, clogged pores and patches of inflammation!), artificial fragrances (disastrous for those with sensitive skin and/or allergies), and anything synthetic (organic and all-natural is the way to go). So when we received samples of face oils from a company whose core principles were Ayurveda and aromatherapy, and whose principles of health and beauty seemed perfectly aligned with ours, we were certainly intrigued! Uma Oils are formulated with the highest attention to quality, always handcrafted in small batches from the purest essential oils from family farms in India. The company has two lines of oils, one for the face and one for wellness, and they are made to work synergistically. As their site says,"the health of your skin and mind are deeply interconnected. This is why Uma is rooted in the philosophy that beauty, wellness, and a fulfilled life go hand in hand." And that sounds right up our alley!

Our anticipation was rewarded, and our expectations exceeded, with the trial of Uma's Ultimate Brightening Face Oil. As someone who has sensitive combination skin, I'm always a bit hesitant when it comes to using facial oils. But the blend of oils, including rose, neroli, and sandalwood, among others, smelled so scrumptious that I didn't even hesitate. And it certainly paid off! Especially in the summer, dull skin can be a nuisance. Exposure to the sun can cause dark spots or patches to appear, and exfoliation alone might not correct the hyper-pigmentation. Enter Uma's miracle-worker: the small glass vial I received in the mail lasted me over 2 weeks, and the improvement in my skin was noticeable within 48 hours. My naturally-sensitive skin seemed calmer and certainly looked smoother, and little patches of discoloration that I had noticed around the mouth and jawline faded and disappeared within another few days. Needless to say, at that point I became a complete convert!

I like to apply the oil straight onto my face after cleansing in the evening. After patting my skin dry (gently, and without any harsh rubbing!), I put about 5-6 drops of the oil onto my fingertips and immediately pat it all over my cheeks, forehead, nose, and around the mouth. I've found that rubbing the oil into the skin (as you normally would rub moisturizer on) ends up pulling too much at my face, and so I have perfected the patting method. After that is done, I apply my nightly eye treatment and wait at least 5 minutes before following with my moisturizer and spot treatment. Then, I lie down for 8 hours of well-deserved rest, secure in the knowledge that I will wake up with a glowing complexion!

- Maria Vasylivna