Review: Gypsy Juice Neroli Immortelle Eye Balm , 2 Comments

Here at SZL, we're always on the look-out for new, hand-crafted products with an impeccable roster of choice ingredients. When we received eye balms from up-and-coming brand Gypsy Juice this summer, we were immediately caught by the chic, simplistic, and nature-inspired packaging (and super excited to try them out!). But first things first: before we started cooing over the label designs, our initial comments were about the size of the jars. For the most part, organic or handmade concoctions come in diminutive containers and are often used up before you realize it. Not the case here! Gypsy Juice's eye balms come in generous 1-ounce containers, which are made of dark glass and convenient for taking along when traveling. And once you open up your jar, you realize just how much bang you'll be getting for your buck: the formula is a creamy, pale yellow paste that is thick at room temperature, but a little rub with the tip of your finger and it becomes easy to tap it onto the delicate eye area. What is incredible is how little goes a long way. I've barely used up a sixth of my jar, and I've had it for over 2 months! 

After you get over how long your product is going to last (trust me, my excitement still hasn't dissipated!), you'll notice the lovely scent. Not overpowering, but pleasantly present, it's soothing and has become one of the things I truly relish during my nighttime routine. This particular formula (Jasmine Rose Vetiver is the other) is made with only 4 ingredients: shea butter, essential oils of neroli and immortelle, and cold-pressed sea buckthorn oil. And, of course, all of the components are organic. Waking up in the mornings after using this eye balm, I notice less puffiness, and a marked decrease in the darkness of my under-eye circles. Also, the skin is perfectly moisturized, never dry but also not greasy. While it may feel a bit "goopy" the first time you apply it, the denser texture doesn't prevent the balm from really seeping in and doing its work while you sleep. With products like this in your cabinet, you'll start to understand why they call it beauty sleep. Plus, the entire line of Gypsy Juice items is made in the USA, so here's to supporting home-grown innovation!

- Maria Vasylivna