Zoe's Favorites: Michi

As the spring weather turns to summer, the gyms are packed with people eager to get into shape. Here in Colorado, an active lifestyle is the focal point of our culture and it's reflected in our sartorial choices - we are always in need of clothing that will take us from lunch to yoga and beyond. I recently sat down with Zoe (and baby Angus) to talk about one of the biggest trends today-- Athleisure and her favorite products from the Spring '15 Michi line, available now on SZL.

As a new mom, the comfort of clothing is key. "I really love how more athletic styles are on-trend right now. I'm all about comfort but don't want to sacrifice style. There is no reason not to have it all.". The Athleisure trend has been gaining momentum the past few years with even mainstreams designers like Stella McCartney partnering with athletic brands to offer more versatile items.

After Zoe relocated to Colorado, one of the first things she noticed was how the style was much more casual, but with a certain attention to detail. "I immediately knew that I wanted to feature a great Athleisure brand on SZL that captured the essence of this effortless trend - but to elevate it to the next level. I realized it must also uphold to the same standards I look for when choosing beauty and wellness products."

Zoe didn't have to look for long when she had a casual encounter with an up-and-coming designer from Toronto during a visit to NYC and her social club. "It was really serendipitous because I was on the lookout for a great line and met Michelle, the founder and fellow member of Soho House during a trunk show she held there".

After bonding over the love of quality and entrepreneurial spirits, Zoe started featuring Michi on her site and could barely keep the items in stocks. "It was really overwhelming - the response to the line. I think once you order one piece and truly experience the difference in quality, you're hooked".

One of the things Zoe instantly loved about Michi was the attention to detail and the apparent craftsmanship of the pieces. "I'm really cognoscente of production locations, as they are direct indicators of quality" says Zoe. "Michi is designed and made in Toronto, Canada in a high-end, socially conscious factory. Each style is short run, limited edition, and made with a fine attention to detail". Zoe's commitment to unique styles and conscious production methods is apparent in all brands she chooses.

"You won't find the quality of Michi from Lulu Lemon or any of those 'bargain sites', and there are other implications from your purchasing habits as well. You vote with your dollar, and I want to share the message that supporting businesses who value quality, ethical business practices and adhere to strict production rules is worth those few extra dollars. Besides that, the extra dollars ensure the longevity of your product in this case".

Growing up on a wool farm in Australia, Zoe has seen the full lifecycle of products and understands the difference. 

"I can tell quality right away, just by the hand". The high end, complex seams on a Michi garment are  akin to the details on super luxe lingerie labels such as Agent Provocateur and Kiki de Montparnasse, which sets them apart from every other fitness line, Zoe says. 

Zoe's Favorites:

Avalon bra - "I love this bra because the lines looks incredible under a scoop neck tee-- perfect for a workout or a sporty brunch look"

Feline tank - "This piece is really elegant and understated sexy".

Sway Shorts - "I love fashion risks and these are daring! I can't wait to get back into pre-baby shape so I can wear these".

Luna leggings (Long) - "These really lengthen the legs due to the clean, long lines and give a really flattering profile".

-- Susie Trujillo