An Interview With Tara Mackey

Have we piqued your interest? You can get more on Tara by reading her blog, following her on Instagram, or visiting her professional site! 

SZL: What inspired you to create your own line?

TM: I’m always looking for better, healthier alternatives for myself and my clients, friends and family.  Ariel and Leeona – the Founders of Delizioso Skincare – feel the same way.  Our missions really aligned and it inspired The Tara Collection to be born!  I feel so privileged to work with the best minds in the business. The line is organic, all natural, vegan and gluten free.

SZL:When did you create your line?

TM: Last Christmas Delizioso sent me a bottle of the perfume – our first item – as a present.  I loved it so much that we soon decided to share it with the world, and The Tara Collection was born!  We launched a few weeks ago, and I am so taken back with all the loving reviews and feedback so far! The Tara Collection is a collaboration with Delizioso Skincare that includes a perfume, solid perfume, blushing mousse, bronzing mousse, glow body oil and crème luminizer.  All the makeup smells really good too, which I love!  

SZL: How did you develop your line? Where is it made? 

TM: It’s made with love in Canada by Delizioso Skincare.  Each organic, natural, raw ingredient is poured for you by hand by their highly trained staff and many times the Founders themselves!

SZL: You have a limited number of SKUs, are there more on the horizon?

TM: We do have a few more in the works for release!  I’ve shared a photo of our upcoming 5 free nail polish – Swami’s Blue – on my instagram recently, and I’ve been wearing it like crazy.  It gets lots of compliments in person.  We also have a few more body care products coming out and are working on some color items for you!  I love that Delizioso is up for anything!  It’s inspiring where a big imagination can take you!

SZL: All of the items that you sell seem to be in this form (mousse). Do you find that this texture is better for application? 

TM: I personally really enjoy mousse-like texture in my beauty products, but I hadn’t found any natural beauty products that had this texture until partnering with Delizioso.  The application is better and it makes them perfect for contouring and blending.  They’re also immediately multi-purposeful.  For instance, I can use the Tara Adorned Blushing Mousse on my lips, cheeks and eyes!  Same with the bronzer, luminizer, and the body oil!  The perfume also functions as an aromatherapy. 

SZL: How do you see the future of the brand?

TM: We have big plans for the future of the brand, but personally I envision beautiful, healthier, more vibrant products that people can love and we can be proud of. 

SZL: How did you get into the organic and natural movement?

TM: Just over four years ago I came off a series of medication I had been on since I was a kid.  This included prescribed medicine for everything from fibromyalgia, precancerous cells, my moods, my anxiety, ADD, depression, pain – you name it!  I got really sick from withdrawal and I had to figure out what to do with my life. Since I couldn’t keep any food down, I quit my 9-5 in NYC and decided I was going to move to Los Angeles and pursue my dreams.  I’d never been to LA before – or Southern California for that matter – but instead of stopping me, that thought really inspired me to start over. My new life included a healthy diet, a series of supplements to help my body, a clean beauty cabinet, and a mindful mentality.  Before I took my roadtrip to LA, I started meditating daily, I switched to a raw diet and I really started to ramp up my healthy practices, positive thinking and began setting higher standards for myself.  When my Dad was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer in 2011, this inspired me to delve even deeper into the healing process. I just finished writing about all of this for my first book, Cured By Nature (Skyhorse Publishing).  You can read more about it in January when the book is available. 

- Zoe Twitt