An Interview with Shannon Vaughn

We had the honor to interview Shannon Vaughn, the woman behind Pursoma, and got her tips on a successful bathing experience! Check out the Pursoma products features on our website today!

SZL: How is Pursoma changing the way that people look at detox?

SV: Detox is a timely term, 5 years ago detox was looked at as something that was associated with a person that was really sick and needed rehab or had a major chronic condition that needed an aggressive treatment. We coined the term Detox Beauty™ and you hear more and more about Beauty Detoxes which are very relevant today. The idea is that beauty comes from the inside out, it’s a reflection of wellness and detox products and systems work internally to enable real beauty to emerge. So when people understand that we are a Detox Beauty™ company, they understand our approach and what results we are aiming to provide. We encourage a lifestyle of wellness and provide consumers with a supportive community and the detox tools and to look and feel their best.

SZL: Were you always a fan of baths, or did your affinity for them grow as you discovered the healing benefits?
SV: I have always been a fan of self care and taking time to treat my skin with special attention, so bathing is a part of that; I often take a bath to open my pores and then dry off and do a deeply exfoliating body scrub. However, it wasn't until I had to go through an intense holistic healing journey in which baths were a part of my detox that I found how useful they are as a part of wellness and restoration. Not only can you use the bath as a vessel for infusing natural ingredients into the system, but it also forces you to disconnect from all other activities. These aren’t just aromatic bubble baths where you light a candle and read a book or flip through a magazine, Pursoma baths are strong and powerful and you are forced to just let your body relax and rejuvenate. These detox baths have taken on a whole new meaning for me, and I now take one in lieu of a massage or other therapeutic treatment. Plus it’s less expensive and more accessible than a detox spa treatment because I can do it right at home. 

SZL: What would you say is the greatest change you have observed in yourself as a result of using the Pursoma bath soaks?
SV: Even though I try to disconnect from tech as often as I can, I am still stuck in the same grind as everyone else that works in today’s fast paced, tech-driven world. I feel this need to respond to all emails and calls ASAP, but the bath soaks totally stop me from doing that. What I love most is that if you take the bath as we recommend, it can function as a 2 hour retreat. When I follow all of the steps (drinking water beforehand, dry brushing, soaking, sweating and resting, and drinking more water) then I have this whole session to myself and I am forced to really give myself some much needed ‘me time.’

SZL: What is your personal favorite from the Pursoma line? Why?
SV: I love Resurrection Bath, it has the best of everything. It has the pure natural sea salt which is warming and detoxifying in the bath, and it has the mineral rich seaweeds, combined with the detoxifying clay which draws out toxins- so for me this bath is detoxifying and nourishing at the same time. When I use it I feel rested and rejuvenated, ready for a new day.

SZL: What would you tell someone who is about to have their first Pursoma experience? Do you have any tips or advice on how to go through the process?
SV: We all need self care as part of our daily routine, not just from time to time, so don’t wait to use the product. We don’t realize how stressed we are until we allow ourselves to be cared for  in a massage or a yoga class or some other form of release, so use the bath as soon as you buy it, don’t wait for ‘the perfect night’ or a special occasion, take steps to take care of yourself every day. These are my 10 steps to a great detox:
1. Pick a quiet night for your detox.
2. Eat healthy that day – a light breakfast, salad for lunch and a very light dinner (avoid sugar dairy, soy, legumes, starchy grains, processed foods, red meat, caffeine and alcohol).
3. Drink 2-3 liters of water throughout the day.
4. Exercise – yoga or cardio for at least 45 minutes.
5. Dry brush the body or do a salt scrub to stimulate your circulation and rid the body of dry skin.
6. Select a Pursoma bath or body mask – be sure to follow the instructions, making sure to note whether to rinse off or leave the product on the body.
7. Drink 16 oz. filtered or spring water BEFORE the Pursoma detox treatment.
8. Drink 16 oz. water AFTER the Pursoma detox treatment, while you’re resting in bed. Sweat 20 minutes – we like to wear extra layers!
9. Apply pure oil (coconut, sesame, jojoba, argon) all over your body.
10. Head straight to sleep.

- Maria Vasylivna