Practical Household Applications for Beeswax , 1 Comment

Are you as astounded with the versatility and healing properties of bee products as we are? Sharing nature's ready-made therapies with you is a passion of ours here at SZL. In conjunction with our articles on apitherapy, we thought we'd share some practical applications of beeswax for use around the home. Below, a list of the many ways that you can put beeswax to work for you!

  • Egg decorating: the most popular use of beeswax is in decorating traditional Ukrainian painted Easter eggs, known as 'pysanky.' The wax protects the colors from mixing, and helps the finished product really shine!
  • Waxing thread: trying to sew something, and the thread just keeps catching on the fabric? Run a lump of beeswax over the spool to promote color and fabric-safe sliding.
  • Waterproofing shoes: worried that your boots or TOMS will get ruined in the rain? Beeswax is a great, all-natural waterproofing agent, and is safe to use on most fabrics (use caution when applying to suede, gently sweep it down the length of the shoe in a downward direction, never brush it up!) 
  • As countertop polish: are you countertops looking a bit dull, but you don't want to use a chemical-laden polishing spray? Beeswax is the perfect alternative, and is safe for all surfaces, including granite and marble.
  • To prolong wooden kitchen utensil use: extending the life of your wooden kitchen utensils is easy, rub them with beeswax after rinsing! Not only does it leave a nice sheen, it will prevent splinters as well.
  • To make non-toxic crayons: have little ones that put absolutely everything in their mouths? Consider making your own chemical-free coloring sticks with beeswax. (Check back for our recipe later this week.)
  • To wrap food/home-made cheeses: are you tired of constantly wasting aluminum foil, plastic wrap, or wax paper? Beeswax can be rolled into an excellent reusable food wrap; it can also be used to create an edible rind on home-made hard cheeses!
  • As an envelope sealant: sending out fancy invitations? Give your cards an aristocratic feel with your own wax seal! Simple melt some beeswax onto the flap of the envelope (you can also make impressions in the wax with a signet ring, if you care to be really fancy).
  • To coat nails/screws: when remodeling or doing home repairs, pesky screws and nails can slip right through your fingers! Avoid this issue by rubbing a lump of beeswax over them to provide grip and extra stability (this will also keep nails from sliding about when you're trying to drive them through).
  • To prevent tarnish: beeswax is an excellent anti-rusting agent for bronze items! Pots, pans, pitchers, statues, and other home paraphernalia will benefit from a quick coat of beeswax to ensure lifelong shine. 

- Maria Vasylivna