Dry Shampoo How-To: Extending Your Style Between Washes , 0 Comments

By now, we all know that washing your hair every day is a no-no: not only does it strip your hair of its natural oils, it also causes you to run through shampoo and conditioner at an alarming rate! To save some money (and your hair), we recommend going at least 2 days between rinses. If your scalp is prone to being a grease spot, have no fear! Dry shampoo is the de-slicking and texturizing miracle in a little jar that you've been needing. Our favorite at SZL is One Love Organics Dry Shampoo Powder; formulated with rice starch, kaolin, and bamboo stem extract, it soaks up the excess sebum at the roots and leaves a fresh, mild scent on your locks. This is a great product to rub onto your ends to achieve texture, and to apply all over if you want volume when styling. And the best part is, there's never any white residue! Just follow our suggestions below to have gorgeous hair no matter what day of your wash cycle you might be on...

Day One: The first day of any hair cycle should be the day you've washed your hair. After shampooing and conditioning with the right formula for your hair type (paraben- and sulfate-free products are a must), squeeze the excess water from your hair and then wrap it in a towel. Keep your hair wrapped for at least 10 minutes, and then unravel and gently press any residual dampness away with the towel (NEVER rub! This destroys your strands!). Spritz on a leave-in conditioner or strengthening serum, then style as preferred. To minimize damage, wait until about half of your hair has dried before blasting it with a blow-dryer. Wear your hair loose.
Day Two: On your first day without washing, the best dry shampoo to apply is an aerosol (French brand Klorane makes one that has already become a cult favorite). Since it's only been 24 hours since rinsing, a few quick bursts at the roots should be all you need. Separate your hair with a comb, starting at the middle and going off to the sides, and spritz a line down your head every inch or so. Allow it to absorb for 2 minutes, and then disperse the product throughout with a brush. You can wear your hair down on this day as well, but I recommend clipping the top section back to keep your hair from touching your face too much (this stops your strands from absorbing oil from your forehead and cheeks), and applying a dollop of moisturizing oil to your ends to prevent moisture loss and breakage.
Day Three: Now is when you'll need to start using a non-aerosol dry shampoo powder (enter One Love Organics). Brush your hair out to distribute the remaining natural oils from your scalp all the way down to the ends, and then divide the hair as you did previously. This time, gently sprinkle the powder along the line, and rub it in a bit before moving on to the next section (space your lines about an inch from each other). Once you've done your whole head, allow the powder to absorb for at least 5 minutes, then flip your hair upside-down and use your fingers to rub the remaining powder into your scalp. You can also scratch, gently, to create a bit of volume. Once you've done that, and have no visible white residue, style your strands into a ponytail or braid (while your roots may no longer be fresh enough to wear your hair down, your ends are still fine. Use a little shine serum or hair oil on your tips to make them look glossy and keep your hair moisturized).
Day Four: As with the previous day, use a dry shampoo powder to get rid of any oiliness (trust us, you'll be loving One Love Organics at this point!). This is the day when you want to make sure you use a good leave-in moisturizer to make sure you're not drying out your ends. Dr. Bronner's Lavender & Coconut Organic Hair Creme is a personal favorite, and it doesn't weight my fine hair down. You can actually apply more conditioning product than you usually would, since you'll be styling your hair up anyway. My go-to up-do is a timeless classic: the ballerina bun. Tie a pony tail high on the back of your head, twist your locks around the base, and pin into place. To add flair, you can style with a headband, a decorated hair comb, embellished bobby pins, or a ribbon.

Day Five (OPTIONAL): For those really looking to give their hair a break, take one extra day to pre-condition your hair before washing again. On this day, plan to have your head covered (hats, kerchiefs, scarves, and turbans are all acceptable cover-ups). Apply plenty of nourishing hair oil or leave-in conditioner, and then style your hair into your cover-up. After you wash your hair the next day, it will be silky and soft from the actions of the previous day!

- Maria Vasylivna