Omega-3s Yes, Please , 1 Comment

Glowing skin and shiny hair, less inflammation and shrinking PMS symptoms. These are just a handful of the advantages of incorporating good fats into your diet. Omega-3 fatty acids, on top of being extremely nutritionally beneficial, can do downright wonders for women in the skin and hair department. They help with balancing hormone levels, which is key for acne and PMS sufferers.

I like to think of Omega-3s as a necessity for maintaining beauty from the inside out. They are filled with essential fats that women in particular need for optimal health and radiance. Women who get a nasty case of the cramps every month should try adding an Omega-3 supplement such as cod liver oil and try adding fatty fish like salmon into their diet a couple times a week. Other foods in which you can find delicious O-3’s are farm-raised eggs, other fatty fish such as tuna and trout, and grass-fed beef.

Many recipes say to cook fish in hot olive oil, but don’t do this because this will destroy the good fats. Pour olive oil on after cooking (the Italian way) and if you need to use an alternative, cook with coconut oil or whole milk butter from grass-fed beef instead.

Eating these along with other good fats will also have you reaping the beauty benefits. - Kacey Williams