Healing with Reiki , 2 Comments

The other day I did something kind of…kooky. I was feeling unbalanced and sluggish from stress or whatever baggage had been building up, leading me to a little online search on alternative healing methods. I found a Reiki healer in my area who focuses on using sound and crystal therapy to remove energy blocks and balance the flow of energy in your body. I first thought it sounded like a potential waste of seventy bucks, but reviews claimed how relaxed and focused people felt afterwards- so I decided to give it a whirl, and it was a whirl well spent.


The healer first told me she didn’t want to know anything about me or about any issues I’d been having beforehand. I lay on a massage table on my back with my eyes closed and the whole process began as she placed large crystals on my torso, over my ankles, and on my “third eye”. She used drum sounds and loud instruments to read my energies, which sounds like a worst nightmare but it created an out of body buzzing feeling so I knew something was working. A couple times I would get pretty anxious before she started a new method but then it would completely vanish and I felt more relaxed than ever.


Afterwards I felt extremely peaceful and positive. The healer told me where she felt that my energy was unbalanced and what that meant and also what I could implement in my life moving forward to get past these blocks so that they aren’t stored as negative energy. It motivated me to learn about chakras and self-healing methods.


This is just my personal adventure with alternative healing methods and I’m sure its very different for everyone depending on your needs. I was a bit skeptical that anything like this would work but now I know every so often I need a healer and advisor to intervene and put me back on my path.


Written by Kacey Williams