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If you haven't seen this video by BuzzFeed, it provides just a few examples of the multitudinous nasties and no-no's that are found in traditional cosmetics and beauty care products in this country. While you may think to yourself, "well, there must be some explanation, the FDA wouldn't really let companies poison the populace!"... the fact of the matter is, that's not so simple a case to prove. Many people come up with rebuttals like 'anything can be toxic, it's all about the dosage,' or 'if it's so bad, then just don't wear makeup,' or 'this is clearly an exaggeration, did BuzzFeed cite all their so-called sources of information for this video?' While these are arguments that we can easily argue against (If toxicity is all about dosage, then why aren't there studies done on the long-term effects of wearing certain makeup that contains these ingredients? No, just not wearing makeup is not an acceptable solution, I shouldn't be deprived of products that make me look & feel great. And I'm not too sure, but the fact still remains that there are a ton of chemicals banned in the European beauty marketplace and I'm pretty sure the Europeans are healthier than we are... by the way, there are studies to prove that!), it's easier to simply switch over to products that won't give you anxiety over their ingredients. Below, our suggestions for healthy replacements:

1) FORMALDEHYDE-FREE Nail Polish: RGB Nail Polish, which comes in a variety of great colors and is available for purchase here on SZL, has not only removed formaldehyde from their formulas, they have also taken out the DBP, toluene, camphor, and formaldehyde resin (making them a 5-free brand). My favorite for fall? A midnight green called Tropic.

2) TRICLOSAN-FREE Deodorant: Schmidt's Natural Deodorant is a favorite here at SZL, but you can always check out our article (HERE) on how to forego the daily underarm application completely. And the best part? The only thing you'll need is something that is found in drug stores and pharmacies everywhere... and at barely a dollar!

3) PARABEN-FREE Cream: Zoe Organics makes a fabulous cream with minimal ingredients (in fact, they're all organic and plant-derived!). It's the perfect body lotion for transitioning into autumn and winter, when dropping temperatures and increasing layers of clothing make keeping your self silky-smooth a bit more difficult. Or, you can always try the simplest route available, and purchase an oil to keep moisturized.

4) ETHYLENE OXIDE-FREE Fragrance: While perfumes and colognes are easy to spritz on, the most natural method of scenting yourself is actually aromatherapy! And you get to derive additional health benefits from specialty essential oil blends, whether you mix them yourself or purchase them from a reputable retailer. Take a look at our introductory articles on aromatherapy in the blog!

5) LEAD-FREE Foundation: Kjaer Weis is my go-to for a quality, high-coverage, organic foundation. However, not every day (or every occasion) requires an all-over layer of face color. Often, we only need concealer and powder to make our complexions almost perfect. RMS Beauty makes the best of both these products (in our opinion), and the powder is only made from silica, while the concealer has a coconut oil base. Check on our shop and choose your shade, and get ready to feel the difference on your skin (mine is super-silky when I use these items!).

- Maria Vasylivna