Newcastle prepares to be heartbroken. Sven Botman it implied to choose Milan.

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Newcastle seem to be heartbroken. Lille is reportedly in talks to sell Dutch defender Sven Botman to AC Milan. The matter was revealed by Fabricio Romano. Who said the 22-year-old Sven Botman was ready to accept an offer from the Italian club.

Salikadong has been interested in seizing Botman since January. But UFABET had to lose hope And they may be heartbroken again for plans this summer.

Although an offer of £27m was reject by Ligue 1 clubs earlier this year. The Magpies hope a similar figure will be enough in the summer.

Earlier, Botman did not rule out opportunities for both Newcastle and Milan. saying: “Everyone talks about Newcastle, only about money. But it’s a very good project if you look at the beginning of Man City and PSG.”

“I think it would be great to be part of it. But Milan is a beautiful club.”

Still, with Milan prepare to have the opportunity to go to the Champions League again next season. That was more attractive to him.

Botman has an old-fashioned defensive style of play with a strong focus on defensive games. His passes are limited to short distances.

We’ve often seen the 21-year-old kick the attacking line-up only when the opposing team has launched a high-pressure attack, and if there’s a gap, the Botman will try to find creative opportunities on his own. myself

But most of the time, he doesn’t usually keep the ball with him for long.