Sean Dyche gets 3 important points.

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Burnley manager Sean Dyche has said the latest win is very important. But don’t forget that the football team still has a lot of work to do.

The Clarets came from behind to beat Everton 3-2 in the Premier League on Wednesday night, with Burnley now scoring one point from the safe zone and playing nine games.

“It’s a very important win. better performance It’s really a new beginning. We look good in many areas,” Sean Dyche told Sky Sports. 

“I think they got six out of 42 points away game. So UFABET we thought there was a chance we could attack them. I warned my team at half-time that the opponent had two easy penalties. But the response was very satisfying. 

“Halftime I said we’d go back to the basics. We have lost our stamina and discipline in the game. They got a penalty from the stroke of nothing. In the second half I was told to go back to basics with a bit more shape and quality.

“We created many chances throughout the game. Sometimes the state of mind is difficult. I have been, every season has been tough times for us many times. You feel that the team doesn’t know how to win. I told the players that the opponents don’t know how to win the game outside the nest.

“It wasn’t a beautiful game but something we discovered was to score three goals and I’m happy with that.

“You know, it’s just one game, there are nine games left.”