Ten Hag watched Manchester United still control his destiny to finish in the top four.

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Manchester United manager Erik ten Hag insists the chances of finishing in the top four are still in his team’s hands. Despite losing the last two matches.

Manchester United may be in a tough fight to finish in the top four to qualify for next season’s Champions League. After 0-1 defeats to Brighton and West Ham in successive matches.

The last two defeats left the Red Devils with 63 points. The same from 34 matches. But was suspended by Liverpool with only one point left. But the Reds competed in more than one match UFABET

In addition, there is also Brighton who is secretly excited deeply. Because there are many residual programs left. As well as the Spurs, who also have opportunities. 

Ten Hag on his top four goals “It’s not about Liverpool, it’s just about us. If playing according to our standards we can overcome. We will not look at anyone else. Just looking at yourself is enough.” 

“Nothing has changed. Only we can make it easier. We need three more wins. Everything is still in our hands. and we need to believe.”

For the program, Manchester United’s last four games will begin with a return to home against Wolves on Saturday May 13. Followed by a visit to Bournemouth and back to play in the last two home games against Chelsea and Fulham. And then the FA Cup final against Manchester City on Saturday June 3.