Unai Emery praised in Villarreal.

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Villarreal coach Unai Emery has praised the team’s performance from the latest game. and give victory to all football fans.

The Yellow Submarine opened home to defeat Bayern Munich 1-0 in the Champions League quarter-final first leg last Wednesday night. The second game UFABET will be kicked in the Tiger’s Nest next week.

“The most satisfying thing about tonight’s game was to see the pride of the crowd. That’s what they want to share with us. Yes, professionalism is helpful. But football is all about feelings. So I’m extremely proud to make the fans happy tonight.

“My team has a strong desire to compete. We have received so many amazing memories and great experiences from this and last season. They were almost the perfect night.

“Next week we want to seize the opportunity to take the next step. We still have to demand more of our own needs in trying to knock them out.

“It’s all part of the experience where we were denied goals, Bayern had some chances. We missed opportunities at certain times. But I’m satisfied with what I see. What we want is to keep these attitudes at this level and show them again next week.” Unai Emery