Valverde says Barca are favorites to win the Copa.

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Valverde says Barca are favorites to win the Copa. Ernesto Valverde is preparing to lead Athletic Bilbao to face Xavi Hernandez’s Barcelona in the middle of next week.

Ernesto Valverde, Athletic Bilbao’s trainer. Spoke about facing Barcelona on the stage of the Copa del Rey quarterfinals in the middle of next week by praising Barcelona is the favorite to have a chance to win this tournament.

The confrontation between Athletic Bilbao and Barcelona in the San Mames Barria arena. In the middle of next week is the main match of the round of 8 on the Copa del Rey stage, which Valverde said ‘It’s a classic game. It is a strong opponent that we are draw to face.’

‘Facing the league champion. We won’t say we were lucky because they are strong opponents. One of the toughest opponents. But we have to play with them. Report by สมัคร ufabet

But Valverde thinks playing in the San Mames Barria arena might be an advantage for the famous Basque team. ‘We are lucky not to have to travel and to play in San Mames. It will be an attractive game for everyone. It’s good for the heart to watch and luckily we’ll get to play at San Mames.’

When ask if Barcelona was a team he want to avoid in the draw. Valverde reply: ‘With eight teams left, none of them are easy. Because they did well enough to qualify.’

Even Valverde admits that it is true that Barcelona is in decline. But the trainer also named the Azulgrana team. As the team with the greatest chance of winning the championship saying. ‘They are one of the favorites to win the cup.’

When ask about the future of Xavi. Who is facing a similar situation to the one he had as Barcelona coach. Before the Super Cup defeat result in Valverde being sack. He respond. ‘I don’t remember all that. I’m at a different stage now.’