Tuchel shook his head at Singha’s performance.

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Chelsea boss Thomas Tuchel has been disappointed with the performance of his players in the latest game. Especially in the first 45 minutes.

Indigo Blue Lions defeated Real Madrid 3-1 in the Champions League quarter-final first leg. last Wednesday night. The next game will travel to Spain next week.

“It was a huge defeat and one of the worst first half performances I’ve ever seen it happen at Stamford Bridge at a game of this level. You can’t play like this. UFABET Both personal and team work It’s not good enough for all of us. We’re not doing what we used to be. And we are very far from our own standards. then you lose

“Everything is not just opening our game. But where we passed the ball, the way the ball passed, the passing moment. Where we attacked, intensity, competition, desire. The first half was far from the standards we had set. We couldn’t groan when we lost the first half.

“In the second half we had chances to score 16 to 1, you always come back. You can equalize, you can win, but if you kill yourself after 48 minutes, it’s even more difficult. We had a chance to score 3-2 in the second half, but not today.

“It’s very important. in the development of this first game Of course, the first priority is a duel with Southampton I will make sure that every People will develop from this game. But this is the most important thing right now. If we keep playing like this, we will lose to Southampton. And then we don’t have to think about the game at the Bernabeu, we’ll be bombarded at the Bernabeu.”Tuchel said.